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three thoughts on being human


Lotus flowers have roots and meaning in several religions and cultures.  It is not surprising due to their naturally beautiful growth and rhythm, their

process of being.  

They typically grow in muddy, mucky water and disappear at night only to be rise again anew in the morning.  
They are beauty in the muck. 
They are rhythmic, consistently inconsistent.
Their offering is interrupted.  
They appear dead, but are actually becoming more alive.  



One of my greatest challenges is always the messy pursuit of balance and a healthy rhythm.  I am anxious and moody.  
If only,
I could be more consistent.

I know humans who have the measured rhythm of a lotus.  They make me jealous.
I also know that I don't, and when I anxiously manipulate myself because of my shame, I operate as the worst version of myself.

It is especially hard to know what your ideal schedule is, what you will want or need in a given moment, or what you want if you are moody.  
Some things work some times.
How do we keep getting better when life just feels like a string of inconsistencies hung like Christmas lights on a tree of tension?


1. Pay attention.  To everything. 
It's not exhausting at all, I swear.  Kidding, obviously, it is the most exhausting thing ever.  I think it's still worth doing.  How do you feel?  How do others feel?  What dynamics are at play?  What's fun for you?  What makes you feel alive?  What motivates you?  What needs do you see?  What pieces of the puzzle are missing? What better ways of doing things do you see?   What experiments can you try?  

Pay crazy attention, but not always...

2. Trust the process.
It is impossible for a human to notice everything and respond perfectly, ultimately being everything to everyone every time.  When this is our goal, we need to get a new goal, which is a huge process in and of itself.  
Pay attention and don't always shy away from the tension or discomfort of life
Take breaks, re-center, create space, rest.  
There is beauty (and seemingly impossibility) to be okay where you are and also keep going where you want to go. 

But still...

3. Give yourself permission.
We need to find ways to get out of our shame and be who we are.
YOU need what YOU need.
YOU want what YOU want.
YOU operate how YOU operate.
Should you assume (and try) to get what you want and need every time?  No.
Should you assume (and try) to get what you want and need some of the time? Yes.
Should you prioritize and pay attention so you know when your wants and needs are worth fighting for?  Absolutely.

Being a human is messy, but so is being a lotus.  
And if they can rise from the muck to create extravagant beauty and honor the rhythmic nature of life, I have to believe we can too. 


photo by:
jerry kiesewetter https://unsplash.com/@jerryinocmd
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