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What I've been learning while writing a book...

I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to create space to write a book! I have decided to run with it because typically my good ideas keep me up at night and haunt me until I create them. Well, they do that if I'm lucky. This little guy has been no exception. 

I have essentially been writing this book for years. It is actually more of a workbook. It's called A Raw and Real Revolution: How (and WHY) to Tell Your Story in a Culture of Memes. I have been obsessed with the power of story for quite some time, and I have been doing a lot of reading and research about myths, story telling, connection, compassion, and the power of combining these things in our lives through practice and living intentionally. The book will contain thoughts, poems, practices, coloring pages, questions, and space to write and create. 

I am so thankful to all of you who have encouraged me and helped me get this going. It will be a while before I complete the final touches, editing, and design, but I am SUPER excited, and I wanted to invite you all into this process. 

Below is a poem from the book. The book contains a lot of different themes and questions to ruminate on, but one of the major themes is being expansive rather than limited. In that, I explain the directions and how they relate to different ways that we see, interpret, learn about, and experience the world. Here is a poem about the West. 


i came alive in the death,
the death of the West
because they told me that it’d be best
if i just held my breath
but the suffocating they were selling was just a different kind of


it was more like walking in your sleep,
God forbid anyone dive in too deep,
so i prayed the Lord my soul to keep,
and i closed by eyes
embraced my disguise
believed all the lies
silenced my cries
moralized my demise
i sought to compartmentalize

yet the neat and the tidy never seemed to remain
so i kept returning to my pain
i became a slave to the grave
but my eyes opened there, in the place of the dead
paradoxically no longer filled with dread,
i came alive in my head
then my heart
and my soul
my imagination making me whole
surrendering control
embracing the mystery
resting in creativity
accepting unpredictability
maybe this will be the death of me
or maybe,
i will keep coming alive in the West.




Photo Credit:
Jordan Ladikos https://unsplash.com/@jordanladikos



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The Majority